Increase Your Sales Today: Networking Isn’t Working Because You’re Doing it Wrong

Are you trying to increase your sales today through networking? If you’re like most people you aren’t having much success and there are some very good reasons why. If you want to increase sales and obtain some serious business through networking you need to know what you are doing before jumping in. When you fail to come prepared you prepare to fail, and blow your chances of ever getting business from your efforts.

Most of you are out there networking when it’s the last thing you should be doing because you aren’t ready. You can’t expect to increase your sales today when you make major mistakes in your networking efforts. Before you show up at your first networking event you want to have a well developed attention getting sincere ultimate benefit core marketing message that rolls off your tongue when someone asks, “what to you do”.

You can’t expect to increase sales today when you network in the all the wrong places. There are two approaches you can take in networking. You can network in general networking settings where you have a random chance of meeting a potential customer, or you can network in settings where you are surrounded by potential customers. The better setting is obvious, but don’t step one foot into the networking arena where you are surrounded by potential customers until you are locked, loaded, and ready. By that I mean you have a solid core marketing message, and you’ve practiced using that message enough in a general networking setting enough to know its power and impact.

If you think that you can increase sales today by going to a networking event and selling the other attendees, stay home Sparky. Networking and selling do not mix. You don’t go to a networking event to make an immediate sale. You go to a networking event to set up future sales by developing relationships that lead to business.

You can’t expect to increase in sales today from networking if your aren’t willing to be consistent. Choose your networking events wisely. Then show up and show up consistently. Better yet consistently show up and get involved helping the group in some way. You need to become one of the group, and a valuable member that others like and trust.

You can increase sales today when you lay the foundation through your networking. When you know how to network and you network at the right places the people that need what you have to offer now will ask you to meet with them to talk about it. The people that need what you have to offer in the future will know about you from their own experience with you, hear about you from the others in the group that have worked with you, and will call you first when they are ready to buy.

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